$12.00 USD

Bible Prophecy Advent

Teach your family about Christmas and Bible prophecy at the same time, and in a fun way!

We have specially selected 25 Bible prophecies related to Jesus’ birth and ministry to help kids anticipate Christmas and learn about the birth of Christ through the lens of fulfilled Bible prophecy!

Not only will they learn about the Savior who came to save them, but they will develop an appreciation for the reliability of Scripture and God’s promise-keeping character as they study 25 key prophecies in a fun and interactive way!

Each day they will learn about a new ancient Old Testament prophecy that was fulfilled when Jesus came.

Children will have fun coloring the day’s ornament as you talk to them about the importance of the prophecy related to the ornament.

This product is designed for families, children’s ministries, and churches that want to raise a generation of children who trust and love God’s Word and understand the critical importance of Bible prophecy.